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Your position: Home / electrical bicycle

Sheng Milo 1000W Electric Bike MX03 Mountain Ebike Men's Bicycle Fat Tire Snowbike High Quality Sport Cycling 26 Inch 48V 17AH.

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(1000 available)
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Note: you can not buy it directly on our website, please send email to 2831684296@qq.com if you want buy it, we will send you paypal link to finish the payment, all electrical bicycle ship from EU poland warehouse, Delivery time about one week, you do not need pay any tax fee.
Dear buyer, the goods are delivered from Poland, so there is no need to worry about customs clearance and sales value added tax, and the goods will arrive in 3-5 days, so you can rest assured to buy them.


Weight: 26kg.
Instrument: LCD liquid crystal instrument.
Shock absorbers: double shocks.
Auxiliary endurance: 60-90km.
Electric range: 30-40km.
Charging time: 5-6 hours.
Tires: 20x4.0 inches.
Motor: 1000W.
Torque: 95N•M
Transmission: 7-speed Shimano.
Frame: aluminum alloy.
Brakes: double disc disc brake.
Battery: 17AH 48V 3kg.
Controller: intelligent brushless controller.
Climbing ability: 35°.
Speed: maximum 40km/h
Maximum load: 200 kg.
Frame size: 186*105*74cm.
Recommended height: 165cm-200cm.

The electric bicycle frame is made of aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy is more durable, the body is lighter, the walking is faster, and the power consumption is lower.

Variable-frequency high-speed motor: The motor uses permanent magnet stators instead of mechanical commutation and brushes to reduce friction loss and increase speed; equipped with variable-frequency speed regulation system, adaptive power frequency, can maintain horsepower at light load or high-speed operation. The climbing ability can reach 35°, the imported pa54 material reduction gear, the torque can reach 95N•M.

Removable ion lithium battery, 17AH capacity battery, is by far the largest in the electric bicycle industry.
There are two charging methods: it can be charged directly in the car or it can be disassembled to charge, while preventing theft.
There are 6 kinds of protection: comprehensive protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overheat protection, and disconnection protection.

Shengmilo realizes 80% hidden wiring of the whole vehicle, free from the shackles of the wiring, which not only greatly reduces the wind resistance, but also makes the appearance of the model more concise and elegant, reducing the chance of the cable being stuck, stuck or damaged during the movement.

One key to start the instrument, "+" and "-" can arbitrarily change the gear, headlight, horn function keys at a glance.
Body weight:26kg;Meter:LCD instrument;Damping:Double damping;Power mileage:60-90km;Tires:20X4.0MM;Motor:1000W;Torque:95N•M;Transmission:7-speed Shimano;Frame:Aluminum alloy;Brake:Disc brake;Battery:17AH 48V 3kg;Electric mode:30-40km;Charging time:5-6 Hours;Controller:Smart brushless controller;Gradeability:35°;Speed:MAX 40km/h

Adjustable aluminum alloy seat tube: 300*30.4mm, suitable for different heights and shapes.
Intelligent control instrument: high-definition liquid crystal display instrument accurately displays battery capacity, speed, gear, riding mileage, and escorts your riding.
Front spring shock absorption: light weight, stronger shock absorption effect, with rebound and locking function, road/up and down the front fork closed, prevent riding effort. Gravel road/mountain road open the front fork to reduce turbulence.
Spring rear shock absorption: filter uneven road surface, protect your lumbar spine, make your riding more comfortable

7-speed Shimano transmission:Mx03 rear axle is equipped with 7-Stage speed change,and it can switch freely when riding

Double hydraulic brake: the front and rear double hydraulic brake system, fast heat dissipation, fast braking, stable parking

26x4.0 professional mountain bike tire: Mx03 electric bike super power 1000W, the wider the tire, the greater the adhesion surface, can reduce turbulence, can withstand the impact of 1000W motor, as comfortable as a car


Q: What weight are the electric bikes suitable for riding?
A: The bicycle can carry a weight of 200KG

Q:How long is the battery life of the bicycle?
A:According to the experimental data (flat road, load is 80KG), the battery life of the bicycle in pure electric mode is 30-40 kilometers, and the battery life of bicycle in auxiliary mode is 50-80 kilometers.

Q: is assembly needed?
A: 95% have already assembled.

Q: can you buy replacement battery
A:Yes,you can buy it in the accessories area of our shop

▶Additional instructions

1.When charging our electric bike, you need to use the adapter with the original plug in the correct way.

2.Endurance: The distance will vary according to the driver's weight, different road conditions and driving styles.

3.Limit climbing angle: According to the driver's weight, the speed is different, and there are different opinions.

4.Mixed orders are welcome, OEM orders are welcome. We can also export large quantities of goods as a manufacturer according to the specific requirements of customers.

5.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply within 12 hours.

6.We warmly welcome customers from Russia, we will try our best to eliminate customs and pay taxes to our taxpayers. The goods are tightly packed. We provide fast express delivery from the side. (Only applicable to the Russian market). But express delivery usually takes longer (if you are not in Moscow, it takes about 30 days), and other countries/regions also need your friendly understanding. Some countries need the ability to pass through customs. Please note. If there is no customs clearance, related expenses will be borne.

▶About logistics

1. Our products are shipped from overseas warehouses in China and Poland, free shipping, tax-free, products shipped from China can usually be delivered within 30 days, products shipped from Poland can be delivered to you within 5-7 days, factory direct sales , Enjoy high-quality pre-sale and after-sales service.
2. Rail transportation from China to European countries/regions takes 25-35 days (there is no transportation information on UPS).
3. It takes 25 to 35 days to travel from China to Russia (except for remote areas).
4. It takes 7 to 15 days to ship from China to Asian countries.
5. The above is the approximate delivery time based on our experience. We will try our best to provide reliable transportation services and hope it will arrive on time. However, due to customs clearance, public holidays, bad weather, airline strikes, Hurricane Sandy and other reasons, delivery may be delayed. Thanks for understanding!

▶About tariff (import tax)

1. You do not have to pay any customs duties, we are responsible for customs clearance and customs duties. do not worry.
2. Paying taxes is the responsibility of every citizen, and the purchaser needs to bear the responsibility of all taxes. If the buyer refuses to accept the goods due to tax issues, he must pay all shipping costs.
3. DHL/FEDEX/EMS/UPS, etc. facilitate most transactions through free shipping (available only in some countries/regions), but only on options that are convenient for the seller, because we sometimes choose very limited IATA lithium batteries policy.
4. We can issue commercial invoice for reimbursement.

▶After-sales warranty

1. The warranty period of non-consumables is 12 months: seat/frame/motor/controller/instrument.

2. The warranty period of wearing parts is 6 months: brake/tire/battery/

3. When the product is abnormal, please contact customer service as soon as possible, and we will be happy to solve the problem for you.

4. Do not disassemble by yourself, so that the engineering department cannot correctly judge the fault and affect maintenance.
Without consent, we will not make any modification or decomposition, and reject all warranty terms.

5. Non-human damage, the above terms apply to all electric bicycle products in the store.
Thanks for your cooperation.

▶Return Policy

1.All our quotations have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for reasonable reasons, you can return the product to us for a refund or exchange. Before sending it to us, please contact us for detailed instructions on return and exchange. After receiving your returned goods, we will refund all your payments, but not including shipping and handling fees.

2. After receiving the payment, we will provide positive feedback. In order to build a healthy Ali community, we hope you can do the same for us. We hope you understand that we take customer service very seriously. If you have any dissatisfaction, please give us the opportunity to solve the problem before giving us negative feedback. We are sure that there will always be a solution, and we do not want bad feedback at the end of the transaction.

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